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Eren - Simon P. Clark Simon P. Clark's EREN is an example of storytelling at its very best. It's a story about stories, and about beginnings and endings, truth and lies.

Clark's prose is beautiful and haunting, and I found myself longing to steep in the world of his creation for hours and days after reading it. On each page there was at least one phrase (often more than one) that I found echoing in my ear, lighting on my tongue, or raking across the surface of my skin. Clark's words are dynamic, and there is something brilliant about writing that is at once poetic and also dangerous.

The story of EREN is creepy and atmospheric and I found the chilling scenes to be well timed and balanced against the other moments of innocent (naive?) childhood adventure.

Some books are candy, and other books are vitamins. So often, it seems that we have to choose between stories that entertain and those that are art.

With EREN, there's no reason to choose.

I am so proud of my friend, Simon, and I am honored to have read the UK ARC edition of this book. I can't wait to share the story with my classroom when it is released in the US.